Property Maintenance

When you enter a community managed by Community Management Services Group you will notice the carefully tended grounds, the pristine streets, and the beautifully maintained buildings. It is abundantly evident that the property is thriving and is in capable hands. 

Community Management Services Group
has an extensive background in community management, and access to a wide network of reliable and quality-oriented contractors who understand the importance of maintaining and enhancing your property.
Some of the services Community Management Services Group will provide include:

Property Inspections

  • Inspecting your property while evaluating and determining your needs.
  • Working with the Board to decide upon how to implement needed repairs and/or improvements.

Contracted Services

Developing bid specifications, soliciting proposals and preparing bid comparisons for Board review.

Emergency Services

Maintaining a 24-hour emergency call service and a list of contractors ready to handle emergency calls.

Routine Maintenance

  • Prompt handling of resident requests for routine maintenance.
  • Supervising and overseeing the performance of maintenance employees and contractors.
  • Processing and tracking work orders.

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